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Scindapsus Silver Lady

Scindapsus Silver Lady

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Their deep green leaves have an artistic splash of silver across them. There is no wonder why Scindapsus Silver Lady plants, also known as Satin Pothos, are so desirable and special.

Pothos plants are originally from Southeast Asia. In this article you will see photos of one that we have been growing for years. We use it as a stunning centrepiece on our dining table.

We will teach you how to care for a Silver Lady, the soil and humidity it likes, and if it is pet safe.

Scindapsus Silver Lady Care Water Pet Friendly

Scindapsus Silver Lady Care

Like a lot of indoor house plants this plant family originates from the lush jungles and forests. When brought into our homes and offices we should try to recreate similar conditions.

The article below details how to keep a Scindapsus Silver Lady growing strong for years to come.

Scindapsus Silver Lady Light requirements

These plants love the bright indirect sun. Placing then a few feet from any window will provide them with enough sun to grow strong.

The more light they have, the quicker they are likely grow, so dim area of your home will be okay, but don't expect them to grow as fast as in a bright area.

If it's possible, place your Scindapsus Pictus in a warm area with the indirect sun. The warmth will usually do a great job creating humidity. The areas where this plant originates from are warm, so we try to recreate that.

How much water does a Scindapsus Silver Lady need?

It is best to let them dry out between waterings. When you see the soil start to pull away from the edges of the container you can tell that the moisture is almost gone from the soil.

Scindapsus Silver Lady Care Water Pet Friendly

The pot will feel light when you lift it up. Press your finger an inch or so into the soil and check for moisture. If your finger is dry and no soil stuck, then it is time to water.

Summer months we will water more frequently. The plant will be getting much more sun, it will want to grow faster, and it needs more water to do so. In the winter times you will water every week, and sometimes every two weeks.

Soil requirements

A well-draining potting mix from your local supply store will let your Scindapsus Silver Lady grow strong roots. The perlite that the soil comes with is okay, but adding a couple handles to a 6 inch pot will help your plant a bit more.

We also like to fertilize plants with all-natural and easy-to-use fertilizer. It's safe to use every watering as it is diluted.

Humidity requirements

A Silver Lady will do just fine in most environments in Canada. House humidity in Canada is set between 30% and 40%, and in these conditions your plant will learn to adapt.

These are tropical plants though, so people love to put them in bathrooms. The plant will enjoy the extra humidity from your baths and showers.

Moving your plant around the house is something you have to think about, and we have a quick video here.

How to Propagate a Scindapsus Silver Lady

A Scindapsus Silver Lady is easily propagated, and a very straightforward process. It is almost the same for variety of other indoor house plants.

When you propagate it for a long time you will be able to grow one to the size that we have in the photographs. 

Scindapsus Silver Lady Care Water Pet Friendly

Soil Propagation Method

When you are ready to propagate, fill a growers pot (or plastic cup) with a soil of your choice (read about the soil requirements above).

Cut a piece of your Scindapsus Silver Lady just below a node on branch. The node is what puts out the new roots.

Place the cut area in the soil right away, and add water. When sprouting roots, soil has to be kept moist, usually more wet than you'd normally want for this plant. This is because we are trying to stimulate growth in the plant with water.

When the roots grow and take hold of your soil, the Silver Lady will grow into a whole new plant.

Water Propagation Method

Fill a jar or cup with filtered water, preferably not city water from the tap as it contains chlorine; safe for humans, but not baby plants. We like to use small clear jars.

Cut a piece of your Scindapsus Silver Lady just below a node on branch. The node is what puts out new roots.

Place the cut are in the water immediately. After a couple weeks you will see that it has put out roots. You can now transfer your plant to soil.

Pest Control with a Scindapsus Silver Lady

Every plant indoors and out, is susceptible to a pest. The more plants, the more chances that a friendly bug from an open window or your hike will set up shop. Your plant is a healthy plant, and bugs love healthy plants; they live in the nutrient rich soil.

Don't worry! It is all part of owning a plant. We sell the BEST Koppert's pest control products. Koppert's is the same company that organic growers use to keep pests under control. 

As always, feel free to contact us if you need any help in this area. We love to assist and find the right products for you.

Are Scindapsus Silver Lady's Pet Friendly?

A satin pothos, like many other pothos plants, is not a pet friendly plant.

We always advise that plants are kept our of reach of pets and children. Most plants will cause irritation in your pets' mouth. This irritation is enough to deter them from eating again, but keeping them out of reach is always the best idea, as higher levels of ingestion can be dangerous.

Scindapsus Silver Lady Care Water Pet Friendly


A Scindapsus Pictus is an absolutely stunning indoor house plant. With its green leaves and splash of silver, it will draw attention and be perfect in your office or quiet living room.

It is easy to care for, which is also why it makes a great plant for those new to the hobby, or who want more freedom with watering requirements,

Buy one today from our plant shop, or contact us for more information. We offer plant delivery in Ontario.

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