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Piper Crocatum

Piper Crocatum

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Their striking pink veins and pointed waxy leaves make a Piper Crocatum plant stand out from others. They are increasing in popularity, with social media influencers showing off Crocatum's in their plant collections.

Piper Crocatum plants, also known as a Celebes Pepper Plant, Piper Plant, or Piper Ornatum, are native to Peru and South America. They are a vining plant that loves to climb, and they live in the tropical rainforests under the canopy. 

We will teach you how to care for a Piper Crocatum, the soil and humidity it likes, and if it is pet safe.

how to Care for a Piper Crocatum

Piper Crocatum Care Instructions

Like a lot of indoor house plants they originate from lush jungles and forests, so in our homes we try to mimic these conditions. Read below for detailed requirements to keep a Piper Crocutam happy and healthy.

Piper Crocatum Light requirements

Piper Crocatum plants prefer indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight in the morning and afternoons is okay as the light is less harsh. If your room has a window you will be fine, although a Piper Crocatum will grow faster the brighter the room is.

While indirect sunlight is great, if you can pair that with a warm area you will do amazing as the jungles where the Piper originates from are warm.

How much water a Piper Crocatum needs

They prefer to dry out between waterings, but just to that level of moist. While other house plants can get very dry for extended periods, the Piper Crocatum prefers to have more water just as the soil is losing its last bit of moisture.

The plant pot should feel light and not have much weight when you pick it up. If you press your finger about an inch or more into the soil and if it is damp, do not water it. If your finger comes out dry, then it is time to water.

In the summer you will water more often as much as the winter waterings, as the plant will be getting more sunlight. If the plant is in a medium light area of your home it will not grow as fast, but it can still survive. You will use less water as this spot gets less sun.

Soil mix requirements

Well-draining potting mix will let a Piper Crocatum thrive, and its easy enough to get from local supply stores. Use a premium plant soil, and try to have 20% to 30% of perlite in the mix. It will help with water retention and keeping the soil evenly moist.


Check out our all natural fertilizer to help with plant growth!

Piper Crocatum Humidity requirements

A Piper Crocatum can learn to live in many different types of environments up here in Canada. Most house humidity levels are set to 30% and 40%, and your plant will do just fine.

If you did want to give it everything it could ever want, try placing you Crocatum in your bathroom. The humidity from showers and bathing will be plenty to mimic the jungle, but you do need to make sure the plant still gets enough light.

is a Piper Crocatum pet safe

How to Propagate a Piper Crocatum

Cut a piece of your Piper Crocatum right below a node on the plant. The node is what will put out roots.

Place the area you cut in the soil immediately and add water. To sprout new roots the soil has to be kept moist, and more wet than you would normally for this plant. 

Once the roots take a hold of the soil your Piper will grow into an entirely new plant.

Water Propagation Method

Fill a small jar or cup with clean filtered water, and preferably not from the tap. We like to use clear jars.

Cut a piece of the Piper Crocatum right below a node of the plant.

Place the area you cut in the water immediately. After a few weeks you will notice it has put out some roots. You can now transfer your plant to soil.

Pest Control with a Piper Crocatum

Every house plant is susceptible to a pest. The more plants you have, the more chances that a bug from an open window will set up a home. Your plant is healthy, and bugs live in soil.

Don't ever worry! We sell only the BEST Koppert's pest control products. Koppert's is the same company that organic food growers use to keep their own pests under control. 

Always feel free to contact us if you need any help in this area. We love to assist.

Is a Piper Crocatum Pet Safe?

A Piper Crocatum, like many other plants, is not pet friendly.

While we advise that you keep your plants out of reach of children and pets at all times, most plants will cause a mild skin irritation in your pets' mouth. This irritation is usually enough to deter them from eating your plant again, but keeping them out of reach is always a great idea.

how to Care for a Piper Crocatum

Piper Crocatum Crystals

If you look at the back of a Piper Crocatum leaf, you will notice small clear crystal that grow. They are called exudate and are completely natural. It is a way for the plant to release excess sugars through tiny openings in the leaf tissues. The clear balls/crystals will eventually dry out and oxidize, leaving tiny black dots that rub off with your fingers.

Piper Crocatum Crystals

These crystals do not affect plant growth, and are a sign that your plant may be receiving too much light. Light helps your Crocatum photosynthesis, increasing sugar production. If there is excess sugar your plant may be receiving excess light.

Try reducing light to partial shade, about 8 hours a day of filtered light, and make sure that you are keeping the soil moist, but not wet.


A Piper Crocatum is an absolutely gorgeous indoor house plant, and it is not that common. Because if this it is likely to draw in people's attention, if not for the bright pink veins that weave through the perfect leaves.

It is not that hard to care for, and is perfect for homes, offices, and beyond.

Piper Crocatum For Sale

Buy one today from our plant store, or contact us for more information. We offer plant delivery in most of Ontario!

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