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Philodendron Ring of Fire

Philodendron Ring of Fire

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Philodendron Ring of Fire

The Philodendron Ring of Fire is a highly sought-after tropical house plant. It is a slow growing plant, but if you have patience you will be rewarded with vibrant colours and a gorgeous tropical plant that your plant friends will covet.

As your Ring of Fire grows, its foliage will fill with upwards of 5 colours: Orange, red, pink, white, and green will be spread amongst it's green leaves.

Philodendron Ring of Fire In Pot

Philodendron Ring of Fire Care

Caring for a Philodendron Ring of Fire is pretty straight-forward. It requires very similar conditions to most philodendron's, however we recommend keeping this philodendron in the brightest indirect light you can.

Philodendron Ring of Fire Light

The Philodendron Ring of Fire grows faster and produces more leaves in bright indirect light.

Read our COMPLETE guide on the best LED lights for indoor plants. Give your plants the boost they want with proper lighting.

Like most philodendrons it can survive in low light conditions, however this plants' colours will appear more vibrant the more light it gets.

Philodendron Ring of Fire

If you choose to place this plant in a lower light area it is possible that it will grow incredibly slow, and they variegation effects will be quite limited.

Do not put your philodendron in direct sunlight as the sun could burn the leaves.

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Philodendron Ring of Fire Water

Once per week, or a bit longer will be all the water your Philodendron Ring of Fire needs to thrive. 

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Let the top 1 to 2 inches dry out between waterings. A Philodendron Ring of Fire will need water once 50% of the soil is dry, and is a great starter plant as it can easily survive some watering neglect.

Philodendron Ring of Fire Humidity

The average household humidity is great for your Philodendron Ring of Fire. The occasional misting will help the leaves grow bigger. The humidity during a bath or shower is great for any philodendron.

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