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Philodendron Orange Princess

Philodendron Orange Princess

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The best part about growing a Philodendron Orange Princess is seeing how variegated each new leaf is! Variegation means that a plant has areas of different color, most notably on the leaves. The Philodendron Orange Princess has variegated areas of orange that can takeover an entire leaf.

In other plants variegation is commonly white or yellow. All variegations start out as a mutation in the plants genes. These variegated areas will lack chlorophyll, which is how plants create their energy, so they tend to grow slower than non-variegated houseplants.

Sun requirements for a Philodendron Orange Princess

They enjoy a few hours of direct sun in the morning or afternoon, provided by East or West windows. It is best to avoid direct mid-day sun when the sun is at its strongest.

These plants are on the jungle floor, so they only pick up hints of light throughout the day, not direct.

Water requirements for a Philodendron Orange Princess

Like most tropical houseplants, Philodendrons like to be in soil that drains easy, and that can dry fully from time-to-time. Let the top inch of soil dry out between watering.

You should never allow your plant to sit in water. Water your plant and let it drain into the bottom of its pot, on a saucer, or in your sink. Leaving your plant to sit in water will increase your risk of root rot.

Humidity and Temperature

Philodendrons like the Orange Princess prefer higher humidity levels. Levels around 50% humidity are the best, but average household humidity of 40% is perfectly fine. Bathrooms with bright windows are absolutely great for a philodendrons and other tropical plants.

When placing your plants around your house be sure to look out for drafts and breezes. Open windows letting in cool air may shock your plant, and leaving them next to a heating vent is not good for them.

For temperatures, tropical plants grow best in temperatures of 16C to 29C for optimal growth. Temporary dips or rises in temperature are fine.

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