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Philodendron Florida Ghost

Philodendron Florida Ghost

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The Philodendron Florida ghost, which is also known as a Philodendron Pedatum, is a part of the plant family "Araceae". Like many philodendron's this beauty is a climber, and will vine or climb when given the right conditions.

The Florida Ghost gets its name from its leaves that start out white and eventually fill lout to a nice and rich green. You can see in the photos below how they really do start out white.

Follow our growing tips and advice below for a beautiful plant that will last for many years to come.

Philodendron Florida Ghost Care

Philodendron Florida Ghost Care Instructions

Philodendron Florida Ghost Light Requirements

Philodendron Florida Ghost's thrive in bright indirect sunlight, like many other philodendrons. Placing them a few feet from a window will give them with enough sun to grow strong. They cannot survive in direct sunlight, especially the afternoon sun. Once the morning sun has risen it gets too hot and is will scorch leaves on your plant. 

During the winter and spring seasons your philodendron can accept a bit of direct sunlight in a window as those months are more overcast, however the summer's sun will definitely be too strong. 

Some people place their philodendron's in lower light conditions, and while it is true that they can live there, it is not completely optimal. They will grow faster in brighter light and brighter rooms.

How much water does a Philodendron Florida Ghost need?

Philodendron Florida Ghost Water

Here at Gold Leaf Botanicals, we have found the best results when we water once the top 2 inches of soil are dry. Your plant needs air! When the soil dries it allows air to flow into the soil and the roots. This not only prevents root rot, but also helps the plant grow stronger roots.

Watering once or twice a week is the most common for this style of plant, but going two or three weeks is not uncommon. A Florida Ghost is a drought-tolerant plant, and if you forget to water it there is no need to worry.

If your Florida Ghost is in a very bright room, windows on multiple sides, or in a warmer room due to summer, you will have to water more often. The extra energy from the sun means the plant will also use more water.

In the winter months your plant will receive less sun, so let the plant start to droop a little to find out when it's time to water again. A little drooping is perfectly natural and will not harm your plant.

Humidity a Florida Ghost likes

The average Canadian home has a humidity around 30% to 40%, and that is great for your Florida Ghost. If you want to maximize your plants' potential, humidity up around 50% and 60% is optimal.

Getting humidity higher is easy! A humid bathroom or a window in the kitchen will tend to have more humidity than a living room, so feel free to keep your plants in the bathroom if the lighting allows for it.

Soil requirements for a Philodendron Florida Ghost

Florida Ghost's should be potted with a good soil that allows for drainage. Most "well-draining" soils you find in garden centres will do just fine.

Adding a handful or two of perlite into the soil mix will help your soil retain and disperse water if you wanted to go the extra mile, but it's completely optional.

If you want to add fertilizer, check out our all natural Liqui-Dirt.

Philodendron Florida Ghost

Family and Information

Philodendrons originate from warm and humid regions in the North, Central, and South Americas where they grow in rain forests and along river banks. Over the centuries, philodendrons have been bred and cross-bred, allowing them to live in conditions unusual to them

This allows your Philodendron Florida Ghost to live in the Canadian climate and inside Canadian homes without trouble.

Florida Ghost leaves emerge from the red petioles as a single lobe. As they mature, they develop unique lobes and then turn from bright white to cream, and then various shades of green until they settle as a solid, dark green.

Is a Philodendron Florida Ghost Pet Friendly? 

Like other Philodendron's the Florida Ghost has a toxicity level of mild to moderate for cats and dogs. Your pet will experience irritation of the mouth which is usually enough to prevent them from nibbling on your plant in the future.

As always, we recommend that you keep your plants out of your pets reach.

Philodendron Florida Ghost Propagation

Propagating a Florida Ghost is very simple to do. Cut the stem of your Philodendron about 2 inches below a grouping of leaves. Be sure that there are at least two leaves attached to the stem, and more is usually better.

Put the stem directly into the soil of your choice, and you can read more about the proper soil above.

Water the soil and keep it slightly moist as your Philodendron puts out new roots.

You can also do a water-propagation, where you place the cut stem into a clear jar of water for a few weeks. The cutting will make new roots which you can then move to soil.

Growth and Pruning Tips

To enhance the beauty of your Philodendron Florida Ghost you may prune it as you see fit. This allows your plant to get bushier by growing new leaves on it's existing vines, and you will get rid of the old and damaged leaves.

As always, clean your pruning tools will ensure that you do not spread bacteria during the process. Be sure to remove a small amount of leaves at a time so you do not shock the plant.

If a plant feels that it is damaged too much, it may hinder growth, so only prune from time to time. 

Philodendron Florida Ghost Care, Water, and Sun


A Philodendron Florida Ghost is an ideal and low-maintenance house plant for any indoor grower. There are many different varieties of Philodendron's to choose from, and they are loved for their unique tropical look.

Philodendron Florida Ghost For Sale

We have Philodendron Florida Ghost's for sale, or we can order them for you! If you need any help, please reach out and contact us.

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