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Peperomia Hope

Peperomia Hope

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Peperomia Hope plants are succulent plants with thick, round, petal-like leaves. They feature trailing stems with multiple small round leaves popping out from each node.

The Peperomia family look similar to each other, but all have qualities that makes them unique. Able to live in a wide range of conditions, this is a plant that is very forgiving.

We'll teach you how to care for your Peperomia Hope. You will learn all the water, sun, soil, and humidity this prefers, and if it is pet safe.

Peperomia Hope Care

Peperomia Hope Care

A Peperomia Hope, like other indoor house plants, originates from Central and South America. When we bring a plant like this indoors, we should always try to recreate the conditions they had in the wild

Following our sun, water, and soil recommendations will help you along your journey.

This Peperomia variation is a hybrid of Peperomia deppeana and Peperomia quadrifolia.

Peperomia Hope Light requirements

Peperomia Hope plants thrive in bright indirect sun. While they do not like sun to hit their foliage directly, placing them 2 to 3 feet from a south or a west facing window will provide them with the perfect sun to grow healthy. 

If provided with more indirect light they will grow much faster.

They are able to tolerate low light conditions as well, and can adapt to the light it receives. Just remember that more light equal faster growth and more water usage. Low light means slower growth and less watering.

How much water does a Peperomia Hope need?

It is best to let them dry out between waterings. Peperomia Hope plants have smaller than average root systems, and too much water could drown them.

When the plants' soil starts to pull away from the edges of the pot you know that the soils' moisture is almost gone and it is ready for some water.

Peperomia Hope Canada

The pot should feel very light when you lift it up, letting you know the soil has no moisture.

Press your finger about two inches into the soil. If your finger is dry and no soil stuck to it, then you can add water.

We have to remember that these are tropical plants, and they are used to going dry from time to time. They don't live in swampy conditions, and they expect their soil to be more dry than wet.

During the summer we will water more frequently as the plant will be getting more sun. In the winter months you will decrease how much and how often you water, as the plant has less sun to work with.

Peperomia Hope soil needs

Well-draining potting mix you get at a local store will let your Peperomia Hope grow healthy roots. Most soils come with perlite, but if you add a few handles to a 6 inch pot it will help your plant a bit more.

We like to add nutrients to our plants with all natural fertilizer. It's a safe way to add fertilizer with every watering.

Humidity requirements

Your Peperomia Hope will adjust easily to most surroundings in Canada. The average home humidity in Canada is between 30% and 40%. These conditions are easy for your plant to adapt to.

As these are tropical plants, people love to put them in their bathrooms. The plant will enjoy extra humidity from your baths and showers, just like in the jungle.

Moving your plant around the house is something you can do, and we have a quick video here on that topic.

Peperomia Hope Propagation

Propagating a Peperomia Hope is a straightforward process. It is very similar to propagating other indoor house plants.

peperomia hope propagation

Soil propagation method

When you are ready, fill a growers pot (or a small plastic cup) with a soil of your choice (you can read about soil requirements above).

Cut a piece of your Peperomia Hope just below a node on branch, where the leaves come out. This node is what will put out new roots.

Put the cut side into the soil, and add water. When it's sprouting roots the soil has to be kept moist, more wet than normal for a plant. The moisture is trying to stimulate new growth in the plant.

When the roots grow and take hold of your soil, the Peperomia Hope will grow into a whole new plant.

Water propagation method

Fill a small jar or cup with filtered water. We like to use small clear jars for this process.

Cut a piece of your Peperomia Hope just below a node on branch, where the leaves come out. This node is what will put out new roots.

Place the cut are in the water immediately. After a few weeks you'll see it has put out roots. You can now transfer your plant to soil.

Pest control with a Peperomia Hope

All plants, indoors and out, are going to get a pest. The more plants you have, the more likely that a small bug will fly in a window, or hitch a ride on your pants from outside. Bugs love healthy plants and they live in the nutrient rich soil.

There's nothing to worry about! We sell only the best pest control, Koppert's pest control products. Koppert's is the same company that most organic growers use to keep pests under control as well. 

As always, please contact us if you need any help with this. We are always happy to help find the right product for you.

Are Peperomia Hope plants pet friendly?

The Peperomia Hope plant is considered non-toxic for cats and dogs.

This is great, but for all plants we suggest that plants are kept our of reach of pets and children. No one wants nibbled leaves or a ruined plant.

peperomia hope leaves curling


A Peperomia Hope is an interesting and sought-after house plant. With its green leaves and trailing abilities it will draw attention and be perfect in your office or living room.

It is easy to care for, which is also why it makes a great plant for those new to the hobby, or who want more freedom with watering requirements,

Buy one today from our plant shop, or contact us for more information. We offer plant delivery in Ontario.

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