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Koppert's Thrips & Whitefly Solution: Swirski Ulti-Mite

Koppert's Thrips & Whitefly Solution: Swirski Ulti-Mite

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Koppert's Thrips & Whitefly Solution: Swirski Ulti-Mite

Orders must be placed before 10am on the cut-off date. You must pick up your order on pickup date. If you cannot pick up your order on that date, then you may come on the next day, but we cannot guarantee the freshness. This is an item we cannot refund, so we will try our best to work with you if circumstances happen.

Future ordering dates:

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How Many Swirski Ulti-Mite Sachets Should I Buy?

On average, one sachet per plant is needed. However, if your plants touch each other, then one sachet can support two plants.

When should I use Koppert's Swirski Ulti-Mite?

Use Swirski Ulti-Mite for biological pest control of young larvae of various thrips species, eggs and larvae of whitefly (both Trialeurodes vaporariorum and Bemisia tabaci) and tarsonemid mites (Polyphagotarsonemus latus). Use Swirski Ulti-Mite as a preventive method and when the first signs of a pest appear.

How does Swirski Ulti-Mite get rid of Thrips?

Simply place the sachet in or on your plant. That's it! The predatory mites inside the sachet will come out and search for their prey, or wait for it to pass by and subsequently feed on their prey.

How to use Swirski Ulti-Mite

  • Use sachets as soon as possible after receipt
  • Hang sachets in sheltered locations on the crop (no direct sunlight).
  • Sachets can be placed directly into the crop (sachets already have an exit hole)
  • Handle sachets by the cardboard strip at the top; predatory mites are easily damaged

Best working conditions

The predatory mite is not susceptible to diapause and therefore can also be introduced during the winter time. It is tolerant to high temperatures; a swirskii population starts to develop when the temperatures during the day regularly exceed 20-22 °C.


Beneficial bugs have a very short life expectancy and therefore need to be introduced to the crop as soon as possible after receipt. Failure to do so can have a negative impact on their quality. In case you do need to store Swirski Ulti-Mite, please follow the instructions below. We are not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions.

  • Storage after receipt: 1-2 days
  • Storage temperature: 10-15°C/50-60°F
  • In the dark
  • Provide ventilation to prevent CO2 accumulation
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