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Hoya Krimson Queen

Hoya Krimson Queen

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Hoya Krimson Queen plants are known by many names, such as:

  • Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen
  • Hoya Tricolor
  • Hoya Variegata
  • Crimson Queen Hoya

They are house plants that are sure to start a conversation. Its leaves are green in the inside, with a stunning creamy white colour around the outside.

A different variant of this plant is the Hoya Krimson Princess that has the variegation starting in the centre of each leaf. New leaves on a Hoya Krimson Queen start bright pink and  can end up completely white. 

Follow these instructions and a care tips and you will grow a stunning Hoya that will thrive for years to come.

Hoya Krimson Queen Care Tips and Information Guide

Hoya Krimson Queen Care Instructions

Hoya Krimson Queen Light Requirements

Hoya Krimson Queen's thrive in bright indirect sunlight. Placing them a few feet from a window will give them with enough sun to grow strong. They do not like direct sunlight, especially afternoon sun. After the morning, the sun is too much and it will scorch their leaves. 

During the winter and spring your hoya's can accept a little bit of direct sunlight, however the summer's sun will be too strong. Some people claim that hoya's can survive in lower light conditions, and that is true, but it's not optimal. They will grow faster in brighter rooms.

How much water does a Hoya Krimson Queen need?

At Gold Leaf Botanicals, we recommend that the top 2 inches of soil be dry before watering again. Doing this will allow air to get into the soil, and will prevent root rot from overwatering.

Watering once a week is the most common advice you will find. This is a drought-tolerant plant and if you forget to water for a week the plant will be just fine.

If your Hoya is in a very bright room, or in a warmer room due to summer, you will have to water more often. Winter months will not dry your plant out as fast, and will let you water once every week and a half.

Humidity a Hoya likes

The average home has a humidity of 30% to 40%, and that is perfectly fine for your Hoya Krimson Queen. If you want to maximize your plants' potential, humidity up around 50% and 60% is optimal. Getting that is easy! A humid bathroom or a window in the kitchen will tend to have more humidity than a living room.

Soil requirements for a Crimson Queen Hoya

Hoyas should be potted with good drainage, and most "well-draining" soils you find will be perfect. A Hoya is a plant that is sensitive to too much water, so adding some perlite into the mix will definitely help if you wanted to go the extra mile, but it's completely optional.

If you want to add fertilizer, check out our all natural Liqui-Dirt.

Hoya Krimson Queen Water and Soil

Family and Information

The Hoya Krimson Queen is part of the Hoya Carnosa family, and they are native to Australia, and eastern Asia in places like China, Vietnam, and Japan. It belongs to the Apocynaceae family and is part of the Hoya genus. It is a variegated version of the Hoya carnosa.

Hoyas are perennials and are epiphytic vining plants that  make great vining plants in hanging baskets.

Is a Hoya Krimson Queen Pet Friendly? 

Like other hoya's it is non-toxic to animals and people, which is what makes it such a great choice for homes with young children or animals around.

Because Hoya's are so good around pets it has lead some plant lovers down the Hoya-hole, and they tend to collect Hoyas specifically. There is an entire community of hoya lovers out there with different varieties and variegations!

Hoya Krimson Queen Propagation

Propagating a Hoya Krimson Queen is simple to do. Cut the stem of your Hoya about 2 inches below a group of leaves. Be sure that there are at least two leaves attached to the stem, and more is usually better.

Place the cut stem directly into the soil of your choice, and you can read more about the proper soil above. Water the soil and keep it slightly moist as your Krimson Queen puts out new roots.

Growth and Pruning Tips

It may come as a shock, but Hoya's don't mind being root-bound once they hit maturity. When they are in a 6" pot they are now mature, and they can be root-bound for quite some time. You will not need to re-pot it, but you may if that is the desired size.

To enhance the beauty of your Hoya you may prune it as you see fit. This helps it get bushier by growing new leaves on it's existing vines, and you will get rid of the old and damaged leaves.

As always, cleaning your pruning tools will ensure that you do not spread bacteria during the pruning process. Be sure to remove a small amount of leaves at a time so you do not shock the plant. If a plant feels that it is damaged too much, it may hinder growth, so only prune from time to time. 

Hoya Krimson Queen Humidity and Propagation


The Hoya Krimson Queen is an ideal and low-maintenance house plant for any indoor grower. There are many different varieties of Hoya's to choose from, and they are loved for their tropical look and thick succulent-like waxy leaves.

Hoya Krimson Queen For Sale

We have Hoya Krimson Queen's for sale! If you need any help, please reach out and contact us.

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