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Hoya Chelsea (Carnosa)

Hoya Chelsea (Carnosa)

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Hoya The Hoya Chelsea is part of the the Carnosa family. It is a rare tropical houseplant that looks so good that some people think it is possibly fake. It's semi-succulent leaves are thick and wax-like, which is a common feature in this Hoya family.

Follow this care guide and you'll grow a stunning Hoya that will thrive for years to come.

Hoya Carnosa Chelsea Tropical House Plant Waterloo For Sale Price

Hoya Chelsea Care Instructions

Caring for your Hoya Chelsea is straight-forward and very similar to other plants in the same genus. Below we walk your through the sun, water, soil , and humidity instructions that will help your hoya grow strong.

Hoya Chelsea sun requirements

Hoya Chelsea's thrive in bright indirect sunlight. Placing them a few feet away from a window will be enough sun.

They do not like direct sunlight, however they can handle some morning sun, but mid-day and afternoon sun is too much for them as it will scorch their leaves. 

Hoya Chelsea water needs

We recommend allowing the top 2 inches of soil to dry out between waterings to prevent overwatering and root rot. On average, watering once per week is the most common, but if your Hoya has brighter light or hotter temperatures you will notice the soil drying faster.

You may also wait until the Hoya's leaves pucker ever so slightly before watering again. This is a drought-tolerant plant and their thick leaves store water for dry periods. If you forget to water one week the plant will be just fine

Hoya Humidity requirements

Average house humidity will do fine for a Hoya Chelsea. They are a hardy plant and can learn to adapt to almost any room in your home.

If you wanted to maximize your plant, humidity around 50% to 60% is the mark to hit. A humid bathroom or a window in the kitchen will tend to have more humidity than a living room.

Best potting mix for Hoya Carnosa

A Hoya Carnosa should be potted in well draining potting mix that contains perlite and soil, which can be purchase from any garden center. Hoya Carnosa are sensitive to water, so adding extra perlite into the soil will help with drainage and water retention.

If you want to add fertilizer, check out our all natural Liqui-Dirt.

Hoya Carnosa Chelsea Houseplant in a pot for sale

Origin, Family, and Information

This Hoya is part of a family, and is found natively in Eastern Asia (China or India), and also Australia due to its amazing heat and drought tolerance. This has helped the Hoya spread to many different parts of the world.

The Hoya Chelsea is now found naturally growing in the wild in Queensland, China, East India, Taiwan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Fiji Islands, and the Japanese islands of Ryukyu and Kyushu.

Is a Hoya Chelsey Pet Friendly?

The Hoya Chelsea plant is non-toxic to people and animals, which makes it a great choice for homes with young children and pets. Since Hoya's are great around pets, some plant lovers tend to collect Hoyas specifically.

Hoya Flower Bud and Bloom

If the conditions are right your Hoya Carnosa will be able to flower and bloom, and produce small flower buds. Here is a photo of what the Hoya Chelsea bugs look like before the bloom.

Hoya Chelsea Flowers

And here is the Hoya Cheslea bloom.

Hoya Chelsea Bloom

Growth and Pruning Tips

Hoya's do not mind being root-bound, unlike other plants. Once they are mature and fit into a pot 6" in size, they can be root-bound for quite some time.

Pruning is a great way to enhance the beauty of your Hoya Chelsea. It may also help your Hoya grow new leaves, and get rid of the old and damaged leaves.

When pruning, clean your tools beforehand to ensure that you are not introducing any bacteria in the process. Only remove a few leaves at a time as removing too many leaves and doing too much work can stun the plant. If a plant is damaged too much it it possible that it will hinder growth and take a few weeks to bounce back. 

Hoya Carnosa Chelsea Care tips and information guide


Hoya Chelsea is a great low-maintenance plant for any one. There are different varieties of Hoya's to choose from, and they are loved for their tropical look and thick succulent-like waxy leaves.

If you need any help, please reach out and contact us.

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