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Dracena Limelight

Dracena Limelight

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Dracena Limelight Care

Light: Dracena Limelight plants prefer bright indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight in the morning and afternoons is okay as the light is less harsh. If your room has a window you will be fine, although they grow faster the brighter the room is. 

Water: The soil should remain slightly moist, but not wet. Press your finger about an inch into the soil and if it is damp, do not water it. If it is dry it is time to water.

Soil: Well-draining potting mix will let a Dracena Limelight thrive.

Humidity: The average humidity in a house is great

Dracena Plant Information

A Dracaena plant is a popular houseplant with origins in Madagascar and many Indian ocean islands. The Dracaena plant is named after the ancient Greek word drakaina, or "female dragon". The name is due to a red gum-like resin in the stems of dracaena that was associated to dragon blood. This resin was used in the ancient past for toothpaste, dye, and medicines. It is still used this day for photoengraving and varnish.

You may already have a dracaena plant as part of your houseplant collection, as they are very easy to care for and are a good entry into houseplant ownership. The dracaena plant care is fairly simple. Many variations of Dracaena are large, tree-like plants, while others are smaller. The houseplant dracaena exhibits an upright form no matter the cultivar.

There are approximately 120 species of Dracaena trees and shrubs. Whether your favorite is Marginata, Massangenana, Fragrans, or possibly Deremensis, each will give you a lush plant with very little maintenance. If you provide this hearty indoor plant the proper light and water it will become a lovely, long-term resident in your home.

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