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Cebu Blue Pothos (Epipremnum pinnatum)

Cebu Blue Pothos (Epipremnum pinnatum)

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Cebu Blue Pothos (Epipremnum pinnatum) Care 

Light: Cebu Blue Pothos (Epipremnum pinnatum) plants prefer indirect sunlight. Try to keep them out of direct sun from a window, but any bright will will do fine.

Water: They prefer to dry out between waterings. Press your finger about an inch into the soil and if it is damp, do not water it. If it is dry it is time to water. In the summer you will water twice as much as the winter waterings.

Soil: Well-draining potting mix will let your Cebu Blue thrive.

Humidity: Average humidity in a house is perfectly fine.

Where is a Cebu Blue Pothos from? 

The gorgeous and rare Cebu Blue Pothos plant comes from the island of Cebu in the Philippines. Cebu was the first capital of the Philippines. It’s a pristine tropical island that looks like paradise. 

Cebu Blue Pothos Care (Epipremnum pinnatum)

The Cebu Blue Pothos plant has been found to grow in tropical regions of Northern Australia, as well as Asia.

When found in nature, the Cebu Blue plant can grow to lengths upwards of 40 feet, and will grow massive leaves to catch the sun's rays.

Indoors it’s likely to grow only 10 feet long, with leaves no longer than 3 to 4 inches. 

Tropical plants always do best in conditions that mimic their origin climate, but Cebu Blue is a pothos, and can thrive in many different environments.

Homes and offices will have enough light to let your Cebu Blue Pothos grow for years to come.

Cebu Blue plants have shiny, silvery-blue leaves that almost sparkle in the light. Trailing or climbing up a moss pole, a Cebu Blue is a beautiful addition to and space, with the added bonus of easy maintenance.

Cebu Blue Pothos Care (Epipremnum pinnatum)

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