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BIOS Nutrients Yucca Extract Surfactant

BIOS Nutrients Yucca Extract Surfactant

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BIOS Nutrients yucca extract surfactant is truly a magical product that is essential for any plant lover! If you've been looking for where can I buy yucca extract, this is it!

BIOS Nutrients yucca extract benefits for plants

- Helps water stick to leaves, making foliar sprays much more effective. 
- Acts as a natural insecticide! 
- Keeps soils & moss hydrated (Great for moss poles!) 
- Increases nutrient absorption


How To Use BIOS Yucca Extract Surfactant

- Mix .25ml (1/16 tsp) of yucca extract per litre of water.
- Stir in, or shake well.

Add BIOS Yucca Extract Surfactant to increase the effectiveness for foliar sprays!

You can now spray your leaves/moss, water your plants, or even soak your cuttings!

Use with every watering, and as needed for foliar applications!

Makes 35 gallons worth of product!

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