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Anthurium Pterodactyl

Anthurium Pterodactyl

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Anthurium Pterodactyl Care

Caring for an Anthurium Pterodactyl is quite simple, and very similar to other Anthurium variations.

How Much Sun For an Anthurium Pterodactyl

Anthurium pterodactyl thrive in bright indirect sunlight. A room with a window will do just fine. 

They can not handle direct sun, and the leaves will become scorched. Their leaves will let you know if they got too much sun by turning yellow, and you would need to move it to a location with less sun until the colour comes back.

Placing your Anthurium Pterodactyl 2 to 3 feet from a window will provide it with enough light to grow healthy and strong.

Water for an Anthurium Pterodactyl

Anthurium plants like to dry out about 50%, but do not let it dry completely like other tropical house plants.

Stick your finger about 1 to 2 inches into the soil. If your finger is dry you should do a watering. If the soil that deep is still moist you can let your plant go for longer.

If your Anthurium Pterodactyl is in a sunny location you will have to water it more frequently. Leaves will have brown spots appear if it needs watering more frequently.

Anthurium Pterodactyl Humidity

The average household humidity in Canadian home will provide your Anthurium Pterodactyl with enough humidity.

Anthurium plants love more humid conditions though, so if you have a window in your bathroom or kitchen it would be a great choice to locate your plant there.

Some plant lovers mist their plants, while some do not think it works. What does work is a pebble tray. If your Anthurium Pterodactyl is in a more dry area, a pebble tray is a great option to give it more water.


Average household temperatures are fine. Anthurium Pterodactyl will grow in temperatures around 65°F to 85°F (18°C to 30°C). 

Try not to place your Anthurium Pterodactyl near a draft. A door opening repeatedly in the winter will give it a chill throughout the day, so locate your plant in an area where the temperature is more stable.

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