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Aglaonema Maria

Aglaonema Maria

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How to Care For Aglaonema Maria

Light: Aglaonema Maria plants prefer indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight in the morning and afternoons is okay as the light is less harsh. If your room has a window you will be fine, although a Aglaonema Maria will grow faster the brighter the room is. 

Water: They prefer to dry out between waterings. Press your finger about an inch into the soil and if it is damp, do not water it. If it is dry it is time to water. In the summer you will water twice as much as the winter waterings.

Soil: Well-draining potting mix will let a Aglaonema Maria thrive.

Humidity: The average humidity in a house is great

Aglaonema Maria Information

Aglaonema Maria is a Chinese evergreen, making it a tropical perennial. There are many variations, or cultivars, and all aglaonema plants make excellent house plants. They are popular for their large, narrow, oval leaves, which come on short stems. Under the right conditions they will flower in the spring or summer.

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The Chinese evergreen is one of the most popular houseplants because it is easy to care for and comes in many colour variations. Dark green, silver, red, orange - there are so many varieties.

This is a plant that will add personality to your home decor.

Aglaonema Maria


A Chinese evergreen growth rate is slower, which makes it an excellent house plant for beginners and experienced plant growers.

Aglaonema Maria Water Requirements

Aglaonema plants, like other tropical plants, do not see water all the time, and are used to going dry while they wait for their next drink. The drying soil lets air and oxygen into the soil and root system, which plants always need.

It is common for plant lovers to over water their plants out of love, but plants would generally prefer to be dryer than wet.

Watering an Aglaonema Maria every two weeks is common, letting them dry out between waterings. This allows the roots to get fresh air before more water is applied.

When your plant is dry and feels incredibly light, remove it from its decorative pot, and soak your aglaonema thoroughly for 5 to 10 minutes. Let the excess water drain for 5 minutes.

Place your plant back in its decorative pot, and you are all set for 2 more weeks.

Aglaonema Maria Light Requirements

Aglaonema plants are tropical and found in forests. On the forest floor plants receive diffused light, and it is rare for the sun to touch the leaves directly. We want to mimic these conditions in our homes.

Place your Aglaonema Maria in medium bright indirect light. A table, ledge, or desk that is 2 or 3 feet from a window is the perfect amount of light, being sure that leaves are kept out of direct sun.

The more sunlight your plant receives, the more water and resources it will need, which you will learn over time. During the winter months there is lots of overcast days, and your plants will use less water.

Are Aglaonema Plants Toxic to Dogs?

All Chinese Evergreen plants should be kept away from cats and dogs. When nibbling on the leaves, your pet may experience oral irritation, pain and swelling of mouth, tongue and lips, excessive drooling, vomiting, difficulty swallowing.

Most pets will experience mouth irritation and stop eating the plants before they get to stages of vomiting.

We always suggest you keep plants out of reach of children and pets, even if plants are safe around them. You do not want a pet or child to damage your plants, sp please keep them out of reach.

Do Aglaonema Plants Flower?

Chinese evergreen plants do in fact flower, and their flowers look like small peace lily flowers but they're not showy.

Their flowers are vertical white flowers, and it's always exciting to see one. 

Where To Buy Aglaonema Plants?

At Gold Leaf Botanicals of course! These plants are very rare, but we have access to them at certain times. Please send us a message or contact us to buy an aglaonema

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