The Best LED Lights for Indoor Plants: A Comprehensive Guide

The Best LED Lights for Indoor Plants

Introduction to LED grow lights

Indoor houseplants makes your space look more inviting, and keeping them alive indoors can be tricky for some. That's where LED lighting will come into play, and help your plant get the light it needs.

By giving your plants additional lighting they will grow faster and produce more foliage. Who doesn't want that?!

In this article we are going to discuss the most popular options for indoor plant lighting include

All types of lighting can support the growth and health of your plants.

The Best LED Lights for Indoor Plants: A Comprehensive Guide

Different LED Types for House Plants

There are two main styles of LED lights that people tend to see in the market

  • Full spectrum LED grow lights
  • Red / blue LED lights

Different light spectrums will trigger certain growth characteristics in plants. In general, blue light spectrums encourage vegetative and structural growth, while red light encourages blooming and flowering.

Full spectrum LED grow lights

Full spectrum LED grow lights provide a range of wavelengths which are ideal for all stages of plant growth, but tends to keep your plants in the vegetative stage. This makes those lights our #1 choice for indoor plants.

Full spectrum lighting can come in daylight LEDs, but can also have a red and blue tint. We prefer our customers use the daylight style of LED. Being able to see the true colour of your plants will help you diagnose any nutrient or health issues that arise.

Red / Blue LED lights

Red and blue LED lights are more specialized, with red lights promoting flowering and fruiting, and blue lights promoting vegetative growth.

You can still use these lights, but they put out a reddish-blue light you are not able to see the proper colour of your plants without turning on supplemental lights in the room.

Not being able to see the true colour of your plant could affect your monitoring of their colour and nutrition.

LED Light Buying Guide

Everyone has a different plant setup and budget, so we have done our best to break down the different LED lighting options into sections.

Full spectrum LED grow lights for house plants

Here are a the broad spectrum LED lights we recommend to our customers.

Table LED lights for plants

Table lights can be placed around your home or office, and direct light to exactly where you need it to go.

full spectrum LED table light

What makes this table light great is the ability to bend the light to reach areas you need more light at. It also has a built in timer to turn on and off when you want it to.

This light clips on to the side of a table to stay in place. It has three different lighting modes.

Best of all, is it's full spectrum, meaning your plant will get the best light possible for optimal growth.

LED full spectrum strip lighting

Strip lighting is great for plant shelves, book cases, and areas

full spectrum LED strip light

Overhead LED light bulbs for growing

Fill an entire room with full spectrum lighting with LED light bulbs. You can also put a light bulb in a lamp and direct it where it needs to go. This is a very popular pick.

full spectrum LED light bulb

Hanging LED grow lights

If you have many plants in one area it makes more sense to buy a larger light that will provide all your plants with enough light.

full spectrum LED hanging light

Our Picks for Red / Blue LED lighting

While full spectrum white lights have been gaining in popularity, red and blue lights are more specialized and still a great option.

So growers refer to these lights as "blurple lights" due to their blue and purple hues.

Here are our top picks for red and blue grow LED grow lights.

Best red/blue LED table light

Being able to twist and turn your lights is essential in even growth. It also helps those of us who have many plants in one area - this light can shine on them all.

LED table grow light

Best red/blue LED strip light

If you have any shelves, bookcases, or areas with not much light, the strip lights are the best option for you. They stick to a surface above your plants and shine down.

We have used these exact lights throughout our plant store for many years, and they have never let us down.

LED shelf strip light

Best red/blue LED standing lights

Do you have lots of plants in your room? We won't judge, because we have jungles in our homes. A standing LED light is very helpful in spreading out energy.

This one in particular has a timer, so you can set it and forget it.

LED standing grow lights

Best red/blue LED hanging light

The most trusted style on the market! Growers have been using these for years, and so have we. In our store we have many of these in the grow room supplying our plants with much needed energy.

LED hanging grow light

These hanging lights have been a staple in the growing community for decades. The choice above comes with everything you need to get started: hanging cables, temperature and humidity monitor, and a plug.

Hanging lights are a tried and true way of boosting your plants foliage.

Comparison of different types of LED light for indoor plants

When it comes to choosing the best LED light for your indoor plants, there are a few options to consider.

Each type of LED light we discuss below will offer different spectrums of light that can have an impact on the growth and health of your plants.

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

As their name suggests, full spectrum LED grow lights emit a wide range of light your plant will love. This includes the red and blue light spectrums, which are crucial to your plant's vegetative and floral growth.

Because indoor plants require a balanced light source that fosters general growth and health, full spectrum light is the best option for all of them.

Red and Blue Spectrum LED Lights

Red and blue spectrum LED lights are designed to provide those specific spectrums of light that indoor plants need for growth and flowering.

These lights are also known as "blurple" lights because they give off a blue and purple light at the same time.

Green Spectrum LED Lights

Green spectrum LED lights are used to enhance the colour and appearance of indoor plants. These lights do not provide the spectrums needed for growth, but they can make indoor plants look their best.

We wanted to mention them, but it's not likely that you'll purchase these.

With proper LED lighting you can promote healthy growth and ensure your indoor garden thrives.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an LED Light for Indoor Plants

As an indoor plant enthusiast or a beginner, it's crucial to select the right LED light for your green companions.

The type of LED light you choose will impact the growth and health of your plants. When making a decision, take into account the colour temperature, wattage, coverage area, and cost.

To help you on your journey, we've rounded up our top recommendations for LED lights suitable for different types of plants, stages of growth, and budgets.

By providing the appropriate lighting, you'll be on your way to a thriving and flourishing indoor garden:

LED Color Temperature

The colour temperature of an LED light can affect the appearance and health of your indoor plants. Make sure to choose a colour temperature that is suitable for your plants.

LED Wattage

The wattage of an LED light will determine how much light it provides to your plants. Choose a wattage that is appropriate for your indoor garden and its specific light requirements.

LED Coverage Area

The coverage area of an LED light will determine how much space it can cover and how many plants it can accommodate. Make sure to choose an LED light that covers the appropriate area for your indoor garden.

The lights we discussed above will spread light over all of your plants. If any of your plants are still in the shade you will need additional lighting.

LED Cost

Make sure to choose an LED light that fits within your budget while still providing the right amount of light for your indoor plants. It's best to start small and work your way up.

Table lights and strip lighting will be the most cost effective, and can supply your plants with enough of a boost for growing.

Many of the hanging lights can cost more than simple table lights, but they are known for how effective they are at keeping plants growing strong.


In conclusion, selecting the correct LED lights for your indoor plants can make all the difference in their growth and health. With options like full spectrum, red and blue, it's important to consider factors like colour temperature, wattage, coverage area, and cost when making your decision.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best LED lights for your house plants. Everyone has different types of plants, growth stages, and budgets, so you can find the best option for your indoor garden.

By providing the proper lighting, you'll be able to give your indoor plants the care they need to thrive and flourish.

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