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Begonia Rex: Easy Tips To Grow a Happy and Healthy Plant

A Begonia Rex is often grown for their leaves, rather than their flowers. Many people may be shocked to know that. While they do bloom, the main attraction is their beautiful foliage.

Caring for a Begonia Rex indoors can be a little tricky, but if you understand the needs of the plant, you can certainly grow beautiful specimens.

Let's take a look at the most important elements when growing them as houseplants.

Begonia Rex Humidity Requirements

The primary issue begonia's have with modern homes is the dry air, which may causes browning on the leaves, and possibly a leaf to drop. Around 55% percent humidity is the sweet spot, but even higher will work as well.

How to Care for a Begonia Rex Plant Care - Water - Sun - Humidity

Bathrooms are a great place in your home to place a Begonia Rex, as steam from bathing will provide plenty of humidity to grow strong. Be sure that your room has bright indirect lighting and you should be set!

Begonia Water Requirements

Rex begonias like to grow in evenly moist soil. However, you must maintain a good balance as these plants are susceptible to root rot. A good rule of thumb is to let the top 1 inch dry before watering again.

It's best to keep the soil on the slightly drier side, but never let it dry out completely, as this will quickly kill your rex begonias. If you let the soil get too dry, your plants will wilt very quickly.

The roots are very fine, and too much water could rot the roots of the plants. So water heavily when you do water, but do not water too frequently.

Begonia Rex Light Requirements

Rex begonias like bright, indirect light all year. Because they are not aggressive bloomers, they will be able to tolerate less light than other begonias, and they will thrive under fluorescent lights.

Begonia Rex Plant Care Instructions - Water - Sun - Humidity

Like most tropical houseplants, moderate to bright indirect light should be fine. As shown above, bathrooms with windows are the perfect spot for one of these beauties

If you feel like a begonia is too much maintenance, please check out our article that goes over easier to maintain plants!

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